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This treatment can be found at The Tole Acupuncture in Kuala Lumpur. Many type of cancer treatment with The Tole is just one of the many diseases that the owner and head physician has a treatment for. Dato’ Master Tole, is the fourth generation in a long line of herbal healers. He diagnoses and treats patient using a combination of herbal medicines, herbal powders, acupuncture and emotional therapy. Patients swear by him because his treatments are not harmful and have minimum side effects.

The Dato’ Master Tole, or one of his trained associates at the Centre performs the acupuncture. This is not the same acupuncture that you read about in Chinese history books. This is a slightly updated version, with nodes being attached to certain parts of the body, which deliver small, periodic electric shocks. These force stimulations in certain key places, which causes the cancer to recede.

Originally the Dato’ master Tole’s family learnt the art from China, before they migrated to Malaysia. Over the years, every new generation has updated and added to the treatment method according to their experience.

Dato’ Master Tole gives patients with cancer, a natural treatment at The Tole. He belongs to a family of alternative medicine practitioners who have used their remedies to treat generation of patients for over 145 years. He was given the title of ‘Master’ by his patients and disciples, who consider him a very wise and skillful person.

A patient is only temporarily meant to stay near the Centre for the acupuncture, after which they can proceed to take their medicines from their homes. Due to the large number of international patients, the Centre has a system in place to courier medicines around the globe. The Dato’ Master can be contacted by email or through the phone for consultations, making the process very convenient.


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